up and running

We’ve been working on it for a while and now finally have Canonical hosting running this WordPress blog. This should prove to be a sustainable and reliable solution to our needs to communicate with the rest of the world. More changes to come as far as dressing this site up is concerned, but we’re alive! Among changes to be seen:

  • aggregation on loco.ubuntu.com (this requires a bug fix)
  • aggregation on planet.ubuntu-us.org
  • aggregation on ubuntu-us.org (if this isn’t a deprecated resource as it seems to be)
  • a proper theme (I’m curious to try the one knome made┬ábut it didn’t behave well with the Canonical-controlled site)
  • setting up links and profiles and such
  • getting the logo on here
  • proper linking everywhere such as the wiki, LoCo Portal, Launchpad, etc.
  • updating marketing materials
  • redirecting ubuntu-oregon.us
  • getting ubuntu-oregon.org back and redirecting it (expires next year, but perhaps we can seize it with Canonical’s legal help)

If anyone wants to help with this, please get in touch!

  • Ubuntu Oregon Local Community

    Spreading the good word of Ubuntu throughout the Pacific Wonderland of Oregon.

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